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Does Gmail Track You? | Know more Google’s Email

Gmail is the service provided by Google. With the help of email, it is easier as a well comfortable way to communicate or to send our letters or messages to others very easily by staying on our home only. Here the question arises how can operate it, for that it can easily be operated in your smartphones, tablets, PC or any relatives or friends gadgets. As there won’t be any kind of risk or any privacy issue. It provides you the 2-way verification facility too so that the data remains secure from

Other services Gmail provide to their users

  • Google docs
  • Google photographs
  • Google drive
  • Google maps
  • Google inbox

Many of the times we have sent an email and waited… and waited… and was thinking about what has happened to it? Before we used to keep wondering what has happened? And have no clue after we sent the email. if any question arises in your mind, is it in their spam folder? Did it gets lost in the inbox? Did I enter the correct email address? And many more. Email tracking gives us the power to maintain our relationships. It is a process of tracking sent emails and using the whole data to inform business decisions. Some of the email tracking clients used to capture time, location, as well as an attachment with click-through links.

Advantage of sharing location with Gmail

  •  Tim mail Helps in locating appropriate results.
  • Able to locate your cabs, restaurant, your current location, and so on.
  • If you want to check or inquiry about your travel history, thus you can use location history to check where you were previously.
  • Email tracking helps in saving time.
  • It does provide context.
  • Unique insight is also provided by email tracking.
  • It notifies you when an email is sent or received via your account.

The disadvantage of sharing location with Gmail

  • Giving location to someone means giving you many of the dates of yours.
  • It can also be used as one of the drawbacks of sharing location.
  • Do not share it with any unknown person.
  • An unwanted person or user can try to access your email.
  • Can be unsafe when you are traveling alone.
  • While sharing your location do not forget to keep your battery full, otherwise, if the battery died thus you won’t be able to locate on Google map.

Sometimes it is better not to share your location to keep your location tab off. In case it is mandatory then only switch it on. For avoiding mishappening it is important to take care of it. Though we can say that indirectly that or directly Yes, Gmail tracks you. But when you give them access to track you. Otherwise, none of the applications is able to track you. Gmail is able to track you if your location is on because it has access to your mobile Google maps. Thus it can locate you as well as anything else.

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