Exploring the Popular Filipino Clubs and Organizations in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a large population of Filipinos, with approximately one in four residents having Filipino descent. Most of these Filipinos come from the Ilocos region in the north of the Philippines, mainly from the provinces of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. To help connect Filipinos with their cultural roots and provide them with resources they need during difficult times, there are several popular Filipino clubs and organizations in Hawaii. The Filipino Jaycees of Honolulu is a youth-led organization that works to empower young professionals while also celebrating their Filipino roots.

This nonprofit organization is made up of young professionals with a mission to perpetuate local Filipino heritage and provide development opportunities that enable active young citizens to create positive change. The Waipahu Filipino Community Center also offers events and workshops that help connect people with their cultural heritage, such as one on Filipino martial arts skrima. Additionally, FilCom CARES is a project that provides COVID-19 outreach, education, testing, and vaccination opportunities for Filipinos across Hawaii. This Philippine Community Center project strives to ensure that Filipinos and others have access to the resources they need during this difficult time.

These organizations are essential for connecting Filipinos with their cultural roots while also providing them with resources they need during difficult times. By joining these clubs or organizations, Filipinos can learn more about their culture while also connecting with other members of their community. From Piknik, Drama-Fest, Song-Fest and more, these events bring together teachers and students who take Filipino and Indo-Pacific courses to have fun and create emotional bonds.